A few words from us…

We thought we would check in and write a post as it has been a while since we have. We are so happy and humbled by the way this project has evolved and it’s all thanks to YOU wonderful women/creatures/beings 😀

Although Project Naked started about body image and feeling comfortable in our own skin it has become so much more than that – it is about the way we live in our bodies and what has happened to them, how the whole story of our body makes us who we are. We are so grateful to every woman that has shared something with us, all the support we have received, and to those that have taken the time to read through the submissions – we get a lot of messages saying how much the posts have touched people and helped them with their own experiences.

It always helps to know you are not alone.

Sometimes we go through periods of silence but that does not mean we are not here! Project Naked goes on forever. This blog isn’t really our blog, it belongs to all of you; it is your space to tell your stories.

We believe that writing down your story can be a really cathartic experience whether you send it to us or not (but we would be honoured if you did share it with us!) You can get in touch at projectnaked@gmail.com

We are also (still) trying to get better at twitter so follow us and get in touch @project_naked and any advice on the matter would be greatly received!

Lots of love, and thanks to everyone who has supported us over the past couple of years
Megan and Hannah

2 thoughts on “A few words from us…

  1. Congratulations to you both in learning how to live without shame.
    Nudity is not perverse. Clothing was created as a way to adorn the body, maintain warmth and prevent physical harm, and not to hide from embarrassment or a result of prudery.

    Stand proud in your skin. Love your body’s uniqueness and beauty, and live un-encumbered by social stigma.

    Signed, Proud to be a converted textile junkie.

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