I realize no one’s perfect, we’re all just trying our best

I used to be so bothered by not having a flat tummy.
I wanted slimmer thighs and tamer hair.
It wasn’t until last winter that I came to truly appreciate my body.
Once I suddenly lost so much weight I was finally what was considered the ideal size.
But I’d be sitting in the metro, eying curvy women, truly seeing the aesthetic of it.
I love these “love your natural hair and body” movements today, because growing up I never saw anyone famous that looked like me, who I could identity with.
I now realize there are a few things my parents believe(d) that I just brushed off when I was younger, but came to on my own as an adult. But there are a few other things, comments from family about my physical appearance, that did stick with me in a bad way.
I realize no one’s perfect, we’re all just trying our best, but I sometimes ask myself, “if I were a parent, how would I explain that to my child?”
I have a friend who says her family teasing her helped prepare her for the harshness of children at school. I never let that stuff get to me, but when it came from someone I loved and trusted, I listened.
This is something that’s been on my mind for years now and the conclusion I’ve finally come to is this: tell children “The world will judge you for how you look. You can change your appearance if you chose to be perceived differently, but there is -nothing- inherently wrong with the way you naturally are!”

by Wandering Misadventures 


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