Beauty – Cameron Lincoln

Although not written by someone who identifies as a woman, I came across this poem by Cameron Lincoln on twitter – @Cameron_Lincoln – and thought it was beautifully written and worth sharing.


Every inch is delightful, every fold, every curve.
Each mole and each scar, every raw exposed nerve.
Every muscle that stretches, every bone that protrudes.
All part of the radiance your body exudes.

The rubenesque flesh, squeezed into jeans.
There’s nothing excess, and you burst at the seams.
Those toned twin orbs of a gym-fit delight.
That trunk full of junk, it’s fulsome, just right.

Those abs, crunched and honed, are steely and taut.
The top of the muffin, paid for and bought.
That sweet little paunch, it shivers and sways.
The big curvy belly you’re proud to display.

The flat canvas of chest beneath tiny pert buds.
That pair of sweet treats, to squeeze and to rub.
The mighty, firm mounds you chose to augment.
Those huge hanging gifts of nature’s intent.

The dove white complexion, that burnished bronze hue.
The ebony landscape, caramel, you.
Flaming red hair, or sunshine-bright gold.
Pitch-black or brown, a joy to behold.

The spectrum of colour, of shapes and of size.
Every shade beautiful in the right beholder’s eyes.
Yours and unique, a treasured possession.
Wear it with pride, you’ll be someone’s obsession.

Your imperfect perfections are you to the core.
Embrace them, empower, leave them wanting more.
Your dancer’s hips and your two left feet.
Your breath, tart and fruity, and utterly sweet.

The knots in your hair, that lopsided grin.
The rasp in your laugh, your cute dimpled chin.
Your poise and your grace, your oft-clumsy strides.
It’s in every last piece of you where beauty resides.

Some may say fat, some chubby, some curvy
But there’s nothing finer than a confident girlie.
Be skinny, be scrawny, be narrow, be small.
But be you, be yourself, and be proud most of all.

Lincoln’s blog is actually filled with romantic erotica and so for those that might be interested, it can be found here Cameron Lincoln

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