Happy birthday

So, as well as being Valentine’s Day and the One Billion Rising day of action, today is Project Naked’s first birthday. A year ago, we decided to start this project as a way to hear the real stories of women’s relationships with their bodies, and that Project Naked is still going today is thanks to the dozens of women who’ve been generous enough to share their personal stories with us and with the world.

We wanted to give voice to how women really feel about their bodies without it being filtered through a media which – whatever “love yourself” rhetoric it uses – degrades and demeans women and tries to create a negative narrative surrounding body image. The responses we’ve had have been overwhelming and humbling, and we feel extremely privileged to have shared women’s stories of joy and of struggle. Every woman who contacts us has a different story to tell about how their life, their experiences, and the society they live in has shaped the way they feel. It still feels like an absolute honour every time a woman gets in touch with us to share her story, and we hope that reading them has inspired you; angered you; comforted you about the lives we live as women.

This past year has been amazing and we hope it will only get bigger and better in the future. Every woman and every body has a story to tell; you might think yours doesn’t matter but they all do, and we want to hear them. If you like this project, please share it with your friends, tweet about it, and consider submitting your story. Project Naked exists and is built through the words of the women who contribute, and we publish every story we receive. Check out Where do I start?! for some ideas and get in touch at projectnaked@gmail.com.

And once again the most enormous thank you to everyone who has contributed or shared the blog in the past year. We’ll leave you with this awesome map of all the countries where people have viewed Project Naked since it began.

World map

One thought on “Happy birthday

  1. Happy Birthday and Happy Valentines Day to all. This a wonderful blog that deals with real womens concerns and issues. Very nice to hear how others have dealt with and are dealing with these things. Keep up the wonderful work. And join us in staying nude 🙂

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